10 Best Alternatives to Vex Movies for Free

To our surprise, vex movies website suddenly got shut down and now we all are looking for its alternatives to complete that half watched show or just to watch more movies for free. If you are one among the people searching for Vex Movies alternatives, you have landed to the right place. Finding a functioning free movie streaming website on the internet is super hard. Most will name a spam site which can cause a possible malware attack on your device. For this reason you need a trusted site.

What is Vex Movies?

Vex Movies is a free movie streaming site which offers free movies in HDQ (High Definition Quality). Movie lovers are in love with this site and the movies in it, but due to its shutdown the need for its alternatives has hyped. It satisfies users with its content and interface.

Latest movies are available in the top of the home page. Every time you want to watch a movie, just click on it. Unfortunately the website is currently not working but that should not be a hurdle for you to watch movies. Read till the end to find numerous sites which will work for you.

10 Best Alternatives to Vex Movies For Watching Free Movies

To help you save all the hard work, here is the list of 7 best alternatives to Vex Movies. So let’s have a look at them.

1. Viooz

Viooz is a young website in this field, young but dynamic. New generation users will find it too good to resist. The website has a minimalist design, simple and quick setting and a great user interface. If you notice, you will find out that the interface is very similar to that of Vex movies.

The website uploads new movies as early as possible. The only drawback you might encounter on Viooz is ads. Frequent pop up ads are irritating. But you will definitely ignore this drawback once you are on the website. The movies and TV shows are sure to fill the void of ads.

2. CMovies

C Movies is an unforgettable alternative of Vex Movies. The website of C Movies resembles the website of Vex Movies to a great extent. The user interface of the website is awesomely well designed and user friendly. C Movies is a popular website and has a high demand and ever growing user base. Users find that the website works wonders for them and is pleasant to use.

C Movies is on twitter with close to one thousand followers. You can definitely catch them over there to know what is coming your way. The website of C Movies gets updated often and adds tons of features every time.

3. MovieNinja

Movie Ninja is a deserving alternative of Vex Movies. Movie Ninja website offers tons of movies and TV shows to watch stream and even download. Yes, you heard it right. You can download videos to watch them offline. You would have gone lost in its massive library of movies and TV shows and other digital content if it was not its great interface. The movies and shows here have been organized in various categories, genres, etc. to help you navigate through the website with no difficulty.

On Movie Ninja website you don’t even have to register yourself on the website. You can create a watch list to keep a track of your future streaming journey and even share the content with your friends and family.

4. MFree4u

Mfree4u is yet another powerful alternative which can possibly and surely be used instead of Vex Movies. The website has a mammoth collection of great movies and latest TV shows. You will get an experience similar to that of vex movies because of similarity of various features. Another plus point of this website is that it is super fast. That means that there is least, if any at all buffering.

You can have access to its mammoth collection for absolutely no cost, not even registration. The website like its counterparts is updated regularly and this will make sure that your wish list never gets ended. There will be always a movie or TV show that you have to watch yet.

5. SnagFilms

Snag films will allow you to endlessly stream through its menu, which happens to be quite large. Different genres such as sports, history, military, pride, wildlife, kids, family, etc. in both movies and TV shows can be streamed endlessly. The website is hosted with an advanced and well developed user interface. The UI is simple and efficient.

Snag films has always been a tough competitor of Vex Movies and now with Vex Movies down, it is the sugar candy for every movie lover. The one and only problem you may have to cope up with Snag Films is that it shows ads to you. The ads can be distractive but they are not much frequent, so this issue can be neglected for the endless titles it serves.

6. ZMovies

Z Movies website is a popular platform among regular users of such websites. The website offers more than three thousand five hundred movies and numerous TV shows. You would be required to register yourself on the website to go ahead with streaming. The site has an easy and lag free interface.Movies and shows have been segregated in categories (genres) such as action, drama, documentary, comedy, biography, horror, etc. You can even select playback resolution, so that the movie works at its best on your device.

7. RainierLand

Rainier land is among the websites with largest collections of movies and TV shows. The site except the regular category sections shows a section especially for recently added movies which are mostly new or in demand movies. You can watch any movie here for free, and even the movies currently in theaters are available on Rainier Land. The site does not entertain too many adverts so it will be a pleasant visit to the site. The interface might not be so welcoming, but pay a visit and then decide if it works out for you or not.


The above mentioned names are all worthy of being used instead of Vex Movies. Vex Movies may still be functional in your country but it can go down there as well so its good to have a list of other websites which can be used. You should try all the websites and then decide which one work the best for you.

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