System Service Exception Error in Windows 10

System service exception error is a blue screen of death or BSOD.  It is caused due to the incompatibility of installations of windows and drivers. Corrupt, outdated, malfunctioning drivers, bad memory or incorrect registry configurations are some of the common causes of this error.

How to Fix System Service Exception Error in Windows 10

There are many ways to fix the issue. So let’s see a few handy methods to solve this error. These methods are reliable and trustworthy. Do give them a try!

Method 1: Run Startup Repair

By performing the Run Startup Repair it helps in system_service_exceptions.

Step 1: At first, press shift + F8 function while restarting the computer. This will open Legacy Advanced Boot Options. A window will display on your screen with a few options. In the given options select Troubleshoot.

Step 2: Go for Advanced options from Troubleshoot screen. Startup/Automatic Repair is the option that has to be selected from Advanced options windows. The system will check for issues and helps fixing automatically after following the steps mentioned above.

Step 3: Restart your PC and this should be able fix system service exception window 10 error or else feel free to try next method.

Method 2: Run Disk Check & System File Checker

Step 1: Windows key+x is the key to be pressed at first.

Step 2: When a drop down options are seen on the screen, go for command prompt(admin) option. Command prompt screen will open.

Step 3: Type the following command and press enter after each command. Hold on to your patience while the process runs which will help in identifying, repairing, fixing all the malfunction sectors. This will lead to cleaning or cleansed sectors in your hard drive.

Step 4: Reboot your PC and it will apply all the made changes.

Method 3: Install Latest Drivers

Step 1: Run dialoge box by pressing window key+r.

Step 2: Then type msc and hit enter which directs to Device Manage. Update all the drivers which has a yellow exclamatory mark attached, which also includes video and sound card drivers.

Step 3: Follow the instructions on-screen to complete the drivers update.

Step 4: Uninstall your drivers and reboot your PC if this doesn’t work. Once reboot is done, then the drivers will be installed automatically.

Step 5: After this download, install Intel Driver update utility.

Step 6: Click next and run the program Accept the license agreement and click. Once the system update is completed select Install.

Step 7: Select start scan with in the utility program and download when the drivers are scanned completely.

Step 8: Restart your PC when drivers is installed completely. This should resolve the problem.

Method 4: Remove Window Update Number KB2778344

Yes, it sounds out of box but it might work. You have to uninstall windows security update KB2778344 but first you have to boot into safe mode.

Step 1: Go to control panel>programs>programs&features.

Step 2: Select view installed updates on the top left area. Then type KB2778344 in search bar.

Step 3: Right- click when screen flashes a particular windows security update. Then uninstall and it will remove the update.

Step 4: Give the yes command when asked for conformation. It will remove system service exception error when you finally reboot your PC.

Method 5: Run Windows Memory Diagnostic

Step 1: Type memory in windows search bar and select window memory Diagnostic.

Step 2: Select Restart now when two options are shown to check problems. It would apparently now give you the possible reasons for the system service expection error message when windows start checking errors in RAM.

Step 3: After rebooting check if your problem is solved and if the problem still continues then run Memtest86.

Method 6: Run Windows BSOD Troubleshoot Tool

Step 1: At first, type and select Troubleshoot option in the windows search bar.

Step 2: Then, select Hardware and sound from the screen and choose blue screen under windows. After that select advanced options and make sure that apply repairs automatically is selcted in the checkbox.

Step 3: Click on Finish and then let the process finish.

It would solve system service exception error or any minor windows update error when you finally reboot your PC.

Method 7: Install Microsoft HotFix

Step 1: At times technical supports are the best, so visit microsoft support.

Step 2: Download Hotflix. Then install it from the microsoft availability.

Step 3: Now it’s time to reboot your PC.

Method 8: Run CClearn and AntiMalware

Step 1 – Download and install CCleaner and malwarebytes.

Step 2 – Run Malwarebytes and Scan your PC to catch any malicious file which will also remove malware if any found. Find for a cleaner section under windows tab.

Step 3 – Check the proper points under them and run cleaner which will start its course. Select registery tab and look into all required options to clear the PC more.

Step 4 – Scan for issue and let ccleaner run. Later click fix all selected issues.

Step 5 – Choose yes when do you want backup changes to register? is asked.

Step 6 – Choose fix all selected issues when all backup is done.

Method 9: Uninstall Specific Program

When we are talking about window 10, it is obvious  that window 10 would contain a few programs and software like:

1. McAfee

2. Webcam

3. Virtual clone drive

4. BitDefender

5. Xsplit

6. MSI live update

7. VPN software

8. AS media USB device

9. Western Digital Driver or any other external Hard Disk Driver.

10. Finally Nvidia or AMD graphic card software.

These software might cause problem. So, try to disable or uninstall them one by one and check if the problem disappears.


That’s all on this subject. Hopefully, all the above solutions have impeccably helped you. Thank you for reading!

Top 7 Alternatives of CricHD Live Streaming

For a sports enthusiast, there is no finer place to experience the worldliness of the game other than the stadium. Witnessing a sport in-stadium cheers up one with the energy that the fellow enthusiasts put together. One will be able to see their favorite sports stars in person. But, there are a lot more advantages when you watch a match online.

One can save a good deal of money while opting to watch sports online. Time and energy can also be saved. Being at home and watching sports online with friends and family is much more comfortable because the stadium consists of a huge crowd and might make one suffocating and uncomfortable.

In live streaming online, we have a playback mode or a replay which one cannot expect at the stadium.

About CricHD

There are plenty of websites that provide us with live streaming of cricket and other sports for absolutely zero cost. CricHD is one of those well-liked websites. It captivates the attention of millions of users per month. Other than just streaming live sports it also allows one to get access to many of the sports channels out there. It is a well-organized website with a lot of content.

This vertical header category in this website creates a good virtual appeal and an organized look for the users. When it comes to free content on this site, there are certain restrictions that come along with it as there are possibilities of being linked to a disapproved site.

Hence, it is recommended to turn on Virtual Private Network before browsing any of these free online streaming platforms.

Top 7 Alternatives of CricHD Live

Since this is the most popular site, it receives millions of traffic each day from all over the world. In this article, we’ve provided links to some of the most popular sites that can be used as an alternative for CricHD and can be used to avoid the traffic that prevails.

1. Hotstar

This is a highly popular and reputed site. There is a high range of sports tournaments that are accessible on this site. People who have poor network connection can download it to their mobile phones to watch content offline. There are a decent number of TV channels and their shows that are available on Hotstar.

For example, Star Sports, StarPlus, Asianet, Foxlife, National Geographic, etc When we look into the sports content plenty of them are available such as Cricket, Hockey, Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Football, Martial Arts, Kabaddi, Athletics, etc  Though the performance of this website is an endless argument, the user interface works well on all devices and in Android devices, it is much more efficient.

2. BBC iPlayer

This is a free service interface that allows us to stream live sports. Although there is a good number of live online sports that can be watched for free, not all the sports are available on this website. British Broadcasting Corporation is the developer of this website.

The user interface is simple and it is presented in a good manner. Downloading contents offline are available with a 30-day time limit. All the BBC TV channels can be watched for free on this website.


This is one of the largest reputed sites. This is an Indian-based entertainment website that is one of the largest digital entertainment websites. This site is developed and maintained by Sony Pictures Networks Pvt. Ltd. It can be used on devices such as Smart TV, Android and iOS devices, etc. One has unlimited access to the whole WWE library on this Sony Liv website.

Like other websites, offline download is also available on this website for the ones who want to save it for later. Sony Six is the sports channel that is available on this site. They stream all the cricket matches and tournaments and they also stream a variety of sports other than cricket. They also offer good subscription plans which are paid.

4. Loala1.TV

This is an international online live streaming website. It is one of the largest websites that are popular in Austria and also has its origin there. One can have a whale of a time by watching the match highlights which are exclusively accessible on this website.

This website provides both paid and free content however, there is a lot to just browse for free. The best and the appreciable thing on this website is, the servers do not go down and it does not buffer.

5. Sky Sports

Sky Sports is a UK-based website that is exclusively for streaming live sports online. This is one of the reputed sites that is streamed across the globe. This also has both paid and free live streaming of sports. There is a wide range of sports that one can watch and enjoy.

It gives us a wide range of choices. All the important cricket matches and other sports are streamed on this site without compromising its quality.

6. MyCricketLive

MyCricketLive is an absolutely free website that is specially designed for cricket lovers. All the live cricket match links are available on this website. This is again an international online live streaming sports website exclusively for cricket.

This website has four server links so, if one is buffering we can easily move to the next server for high speed and high quality streaming without any interruption. All the devices such as Smart TV, Android and iOS devices, etc support this webpage and the app.

7. Vip Box 

VipBox Streams sports online for free of cost. There is a wide range of choices to choose your ideal sport. This website provides the user with various streaming links through which one can watch the live streaming and also can pick the best link that works for them.

Even if a user finds a link broken, within a few hours the team resolves the problem and they ensure their user’s satisfaction. On this website, there is not much problem with those pop-up ads that usually interrupt the user in between the matches.


Technology plays a vital role in almost all the sectors in this world and sports is also one among those. People feel much more comfortable watching sports sitting at home rather than going to a stadium and wasting their money.

This is the main reason for these online sports streaming websites like CricHD to be quite popular. The alternatives of this site help the users to watch their favorite sport without traffic and buffering.

9 Alternatives Apps For Flvto

Music, who doesn’t like music? In this fast progressing world, Social media has become the centre of attraction in the whole world, where we can share contents, thoughts, images, music, videos and so forth.

There are countless websites that provide audio and video for free without any payment. However, selecting a website according to our preferences has become a daunting task. Many well renowned websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc permits us to download videos and music from the internet.

Similar to those websites, Flvto is also the most popular website preferred by many. It provides free audio and video, and you can also download it. The reason why most people are inclined towards this website is, let us take YouTube as an example.

In YouTube, if one is not subscribed, there will be a lot of annoying interruptions like ads which extend upto many seconds and also buffering which displeases the viewers.It consumes a lot of data too.

9 Alternatives Apps For Flvto To Download Video and Audio

It is okay to prefer Flvto since it can provide you content in remote areas, but if it stops working, you can always look for an alternative that provides the content with amazing features.

Hereby, this article brought you the 9 Best Flvto Alternatives to download video and audio. You can always take a look at these websites and enjoy seamless streaming of videos and listening to music.

1. YouTube-dl

YouTube-dl is founded by Ricardo Garcia Conzales. YouTube-dl is a completely free and open-source platform that works on the command line. You can download even from the website or from the app.

This website is compatible on all OS like Windows, MacOS, Linux etc., since it includes python. You can always download the videos with subtitles and it is provided with Google search engine’s extensions. Executable is released on the public domain where you can always modify, redistribute or can use any way you prefer.

You can download with High Definition and can convert videos to MP3 and other formats. This website offers one free plan for all the users and also offers one pro plan for $1.49/month. Those who are fond of YouTube-dl can always go for the pro plan to enjoy more existing features, and those who are not, you can always visit this website to enjoy content for free.

2. YouTube-DLG 

YouTube-DLG is a cross platform front-end GUI of the YouTube-dl in wxPython founded by Sotiris Papadopoulos. Like YouTube-dl, this is an open source platform and is made especially for Windows operating systems.

There is not much difference between YouTube-DLG. This platform also permits you to convert video to MP3 or any other format. This App is advertisement free. Its user interface is a point to click interface, which is a piece of cake. This platform mainly suits lazy people who don’t want to read the steps to download videos from this platform.

3. 4k Video Downloader

As the name implies, 4k video Downloader is a free platform to download first-class high quality videos from YouTube. You can also download the video along with the subtitles, you need not search for subtitles, as it is an automatic option.

This platform is compatible on Windows, MacOS, Linux and Ubuntu. It has a great client list including Tech Advisor, Life Hacker, and others. Like the previous websites, it works on Command Line Interface. This App includes feature update, 4K stogram and channel subscription feature.

You can always convert 4K video to MP3 according to your liking. For iOS users, you can direct transfer to iTunes.There is a 3D Download and 360-degree video download feature. However, this App allows you to download maximum upto 25 videos from the playlist, before paying the license fee to the App developers for other remaining videos.

4. FlashGot 

FlashGot is developed by Giorgio Maone. It is a free and open source platform that is designed for handling single or huge external download managers like BitCOmet, Internet Download Manager, Aria, Axel Download Manager, FlareGet and so forth.However FlashGot is most suitable for Firefox and Thunderbird users.

You can always download videos from FlashGet app, though this App is free, you can always donate some amount to support the workers if you wish to. This platform offers a feature called free build gallery, where you can always synthesize media galleries in one page.

It has a fixed built-in download manager and custom download manager with a bug fix tool. Visit this APP, it won’t disappoint with its amazing features.

5. CLipGrab

CLipGrab is the perfect website for downloading videos in all formats. This website is simple, easy to go and has a clean user interface. From this platform, you can always convert videos from YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc to mp3, mpeg4, WEBM, WMV and other formats for free with just a click.

You can download unlimited videos with high definition along with subtitles from any top popular websites. Through automatic site recognition, ClipGrab supports many websites unofficially. This platform is compatible on all OS platforms like Windows, Linus, MacOS ,etc.

On this platform, you can convert any video from YouTube to mp3 audio. Even though this website provides everything for free, you can always donate some amount if you like.

6. Video-dl

Video-dl tool is developed by DanillGentlil. Video-dl is the most popular website among the Italians as it provides a download option for the moats Italian shows aired by Raj Television websites.

You can visit this website on any platform like Windows and MacOS and you can download the App on any system. For iOS users, you can convert audio to iTunes from YouTube. Not only YouTube, you can download videos from WittyTV, Displays, etc

7. allows users to download any video directly from any website for free with just one click. You can download videos, music and movies from the platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and many more.

You can do multitasking like working while downloading video in the background. This App is user friendly and allows management like delete, share, play and rename your files. It permits you to convert MP4 files to any format with your audio player. It is easily accessible through an address like and also convenient.

You can select video from the list of links on the web page and start streaming or download with HD quality. It has faster downloading speed. However, it does not support all sites and there are a lot of interrupting ads. Its user interface is not up-to-date.

8. SnapTube

Snaptube app is free to download any videos with high quality. All you have to do simply download the app and start streaming unlimited content for free. You can find a variety of interesting and funny videos on this app.

It has a fast-loading player feature which minimizes the buffering time for videos. It also has a picture-in picture mode, so that you can multitask working while still watching video on its floating player.

Note: Snaptube is not available on Playstore due to copyright issues.

9. Peggo

Peggo was started five years ago and has high demand on the internet. It has a net estimated worth of $1,965,600 and also daily income of $1820. Peggo has an attractive feature where you can download videos for free.

This app permits you to record the audio clips and acan convert them to any format like mp3. Likewise, you can convert videos from websites like YouTube and SoundCloud tracks into the MP3 format.

It has exquisite features like Volume normalization. Subtract offsets, unwanted silence removal, integrated search and artist tage.


From the above websites, choose any one and start watching videos or listen to the songs. All you have to do is simple. Just choose any video or audio of your liking, convert it to MP3 using the above websites and enjoy seamless entertainment.

For any queries, feel free to drop down in the comment section. Have Fun!

15 Alternatives to Putlocker

Putlocker is one of the most visited sites for streaming free movies and TV shows online. But in most parts of the world Putlocker is barred by the government agencies because of piracy concerns. Thus, the users are trying to figure out other sites similar to Putlocker.

15 Alternatives to PutLocker

Finding an alternative to the most popular movie streaming site is a tricky task. But here we are to help you. Today, we are going to give you some alternatives so that you can seamlessly stream your favourite movies and web series in high definition.

We suggest you use Virtual Private Network (VPN) for better and secure streaming. Here is the list of 15 best alternatives to Putlocker so that you can access the best quality content without any trouble.

1. 123Movies

This is one of those sites whose prime focus is on user safety and their entertainment. You can easily binge your favourite TV series and shows without signing up. 123 Movies provide you with a large variety of content so that you never fall short of entertainment. The site has well-categorized sections to make you search conveniently. This site can be considered one of the best alternatives to Putlocker.

2. MegaShare

This is a very user-friendly site which enjoys a large customer base. The interface is quite straight-forward and you can access all recent movies and shows using this single site. You can even change the video quality to save your data pack from exhausting.

3. PopcornFlix

Binge your favourite movies and shows with popcorns on Popcornflix. The site provides a variety of content which will never let you bore. Moreover, you don’t need to sign up and create an account to use Popcornflix. This site is quite an efficient alternative to Putlocker.

4. PopcornTime

Want to download a movie to watch later? Popcorn Time is the right place for this. You can easily access all the content through the user-friendly and well-categorized interface. Give this site a shot and, you will love the quality and variety of content it provides.

5. FMovies

Fmovies is a streaming site with a smooth and unique interface providing you free variety of content at one place. You can watch the latest series, movies and trailers for free. There are a few ads here and there but otherwise, it’s one of the best alternatives to Putlocker.

6. Rainierland

It’s not the cleanest site to stream videos but still it’s quite popular among its competitors. Giving you a range of new and popular content to watch, this site deserves a try from you.

7. GoMovies

Similar to other alternatives to Putlocker, this site also gives you a large list of TV shows and movies to watch. The content is updated frequently, so that you never miss the movies that are the talk of the town. Apart from its benefits, the pop ups can annoy you a couple of times, so be prepared.

8. MovieWatcher

The best thing about MovieWatcher is that it has a well organized playlist. The content is also categorized based on popularity, release years and genre. This site makes your searching experience comfortable and effortless because of its easy to navigate interface.

9. Los Movies

This site is available in English but it provides subtitles in various languages. It provides all the content in high definition. It also categorizes most viewed shows and latest shows on its main page. The ad blockers can block the built-in video player so you need to switch off your ad blockers. Apart from this issue, the site works really well.

10. Solar Movie

This is one of the best alternatives to Putlocker in every sense. Its excellent performance and the fast interface makes it different from the other options available in the market. This site provides you with the latest HD content and works well on computers and smartphones.

11. Yes Movies

Yes Movies lets you watch free movies, TV series and documentaries at one place. The site’s homepage is well designed and has a responsive and quick interface. The content is well-categorized and lets you access your desired content without any trouble.

12. CMovies

For all the movie enthusiasts this site is a must-visit site. Get all the latest movies and episodes of popular TV shows without any hassle. The site has a variety of content with different genres to fulfill your movie cravings.

13. Movie4U

Movie4u is a free online streaming site where you can easily browse your movies under different categories. This site provides you with a genre-wise classification of its content. It has an easy to use interface to make your browsing effortless.

14. MoonLine

Watch movies of all genres at one place at this online streaming site. With plenty of options in store it never lets you feel bored. The user interface is quite good and the homepage has category wise organized content.

15. 5Movies

You can find, watch and download movies for free from 5Movies. The content is well organized and provides you with movies without any annoyance. You can also access this site as a mobile application on your Android phone. This site is a perfect alternative to Putlocker.


If you are a movie lover, you can’t settle for good if you can get the best content. After Putlocker lost its existence you can stream your favourite TV shows and movies on the above mentioned platforms. These sites are really reliable options for every movie enthusiast. Now, what are you waiting for? Get started and watch endless movies and shows on any of the sites mentioned in our article.

8 Best Sites like CouchTuner

‘Wondering the CouchTuner alternatives!’, ‘Missed fresh series!’, ‘Are you a movie watching person?’ or ‘Want to watch streaming movies at zero cost?’. Hurry it’s your lucky day. This article mainly covers many CouchTuner alternatives.

Before that, if you are among those who are not aware of CouchTuner, it is an online streaming site simply designed especially for newbies. It can be considered as one of the best and popular sites for watching television series and movies, developed in 2010.

It provides high-quality video with clear audio quality and high video clarity. Also, without wasting time on account creation and registration you can easily access and the best part is all these movies and television series without paying.

What else you want to watch a series! But the problem is that Google has blocked CouchTuner in many regions due to strict laws against piracy.

So, this article is not only for the people who are searching for CouchTuner alternatives but also for those who want to watch the latest movies as well as series without paying. So, without wasting time, here come our best sites like CouchTuner.

8 CouchTuner Alternatives for Movie Streaming Online

All sites are similar to CouchTuner but have some unique features that make every site different from the other. Now let’s find out which site would suit you most.

1. Soap2Day

Soap2day is the most popular movie streaming website among all alternatives to Couchtuner providing you 500 plus full-length TV shows and 5000 plus movies. It is a good choice if you are searching for the latest series.

It has a high range of TV shows and movies of all genres. Its interface is simply designed which is easily accessible for finding out the new and trending content.

Moreover, the main thing is Soap2Day does not store files on its server. All the content is provided by the third-party streaming clients where it acts as a mediator between the client and the user.

By requesting content that is not available on their website, you can easily make it available and enjoy your favorite content. Also, the save option is also there so if you liked the content, you can easily save it.

2. Vid Strum

This website is ideal for people who are searching for TV drama content. This mainly has the content of the drama. For people who love to watch drama, then this website is a goldmine for them. For this reason, it makes a place in this well-researched list of CouchTuner alternatives. This website provides a lot of cost-free content to all of its users.

Now coming to the feature’s interface of Vid Strum is easy to handle. And the bonus point is the ad consistency is kept low so people can enjoy their content without annoying ads. This is not an end yet, this website is no country-based or region-based restrictions for streaming of movies and TV shows.

Yes, you guess it right like people of India can enjoy all the movies and shows of Korea. Now by using this you can also enjoy movies and shows from any corner of the world regardless of your content or region.

Talking about quality, this website is similar to Soap2day, it also points towards third-party streaming clients where it acts as a mediator between the client and the user. However, the website is very choosy when comes to the collection and always ensures that viewer gets the top-most quality of content on this website. So, only fresh and super hit dishes are served on your plate.

3. Café Movie

You will be amazed after knowing that Café Movie serves from classic hits to the latest blockbusters. It provides boundless hours of entertainment through its amazing unparalleled services. It is one of the most popular alternatives to CouchTuner and is used by n number of people who want to explore a different world.

This website is known for the collection of competitive movie and content library that has numerous titles from all around the world. And the titles are designed so beautifully that a user never finds it hard to find their favorite title among the slew.

If classic hits is your cup of tea, then the website will be your favorite. It has a great collection of classic content. So, don’t miss it if you are old school type.

If you only want to watch native language content then don’t be sad because this app also finds a solution for this, you will find content on the basis of languages as well as genre. Therefore, if you are looking for content in your native language then you can do it without any difficulty.

4. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix we can consider more latest than any other alternatives of CouchTuner. This is because it is a multiplatform streaming client for you. This amazing streaming client is not only available as a web application, but also can download its application.

The main thing that makes the application different is, it available for both Android as well as IOS devices. That means you can start enjoying your favorite movies and tv shows on your mobile devices as well. Hence, with a single press, you can keep yourself entertained anywhere.

It has a subtitle feature that makes it easy to watch any movie without worrying. Moreover, it also provides a facility where the featured movies scroll across the main page, and you can browse through movies by genre.

Not only that, an area is designed for new arrivals, the most popular movies, and original titles. And the best part is similar to few websites, you can also collect movies and add them to a queue in one place, even without logging into an account.

5. RainierLand

Rainierland proves high-quality content that nothing can crack its core competency. This website has one and the only purpose is to provide you extremely high-quality content. By using this website, you can enjoy your favorite movies with unbeatable video quality for absolutely free.

The website serves both the latest movies and TV shows. Moreover, it has a huge collection of movies ranges from both old hits and new releases. Therefore, most movies are always available on this website.

This website has a great collection of episodes from a number of tv shows from all around the world. Moreover, the website is so well-developed that the episodes are uploaded instantly as soon as they are telecasted on television. So, you will never miss catching up with your favorite serial. Not only that but also Rainier movies online are also available in HD form.

Here not stops yet, the website does not stream any of its content on its own, it provides the links to direct streams so that without any interruption you can easily enjoy movies and tv shows.

6. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is made with only one purpose of streaming free movies. The Tubi app looks almost similar to the desktop website, but it efficiently works for mobile that keeps you entertained anywhere.

Due to the easy navigation through the website to find your desired content by scrolling across the top of the website, with all sorts of different genres mixed in. Every movie covers full screen which makes it easy to see without having to tap on them.

All the content available on this website is free of cost to stream. However, after registering, you can enjoy the amazing content on this website without any ad break. The website has a wide range of content in numerous genres.

Even that it provides all details about the movie on its description page like release date, duration, rating, and the genre it helps to choose a movie before watching. It also has the subtitle feature which helps the viewer to watch the movie.

This is a great alternate for CouchTuner to get hours of free entertainment without any disturbance.

7. Crave

The streaming client website is in-build with lots of features. The major purpose of this website is to stream tv shows from all around the world in a larger number of languages as well as genres. Everyone can watch all their favorite tv shows with ease.

Crave especially covers up almost all of the hit shows for you to watch. Moreover, the website is so well-developed that the episodes are uploaded instantly as soon as they are telecasted on television.

So, you can never miss catching up with your favorite serial. Also, the quality of streaming of this website is extremely amazing which provides high-definition streaming for an ultimate experience.

Hence, if you want to enjoy an amazing tv series then make sure you try these most prominent alternates for CouchTuner.

8. PrimeWire

Last but surely not the least in our list of alternatives, Prime Wire is a streaming client that has unlimited movies in its database and you can watch any movie available on the website free of cost.

The best part is that like most other websites this website also doesn’t need to register for an account in order to watch your favorite movie. You can just select your desired title and enjoy it from the website itself.

Now coming to its collection, the website features a large number of titles from all over the world. On top of that, you can find titles in different languages and genres. Moreover, you can look for your most-liked movie or group them based on category.


All the websites are similar to CouchTuner with some distinct features. But, the main feature of the CouchTuner popularity is the available free of cost movies and drama. You will find this feature in all websites provided above. More or less, all are equally amazing like CouchTuner.

Now rest is up to you, which one actually covers up your criteria. All are completely legal to access because they dare tv only provides a link to third-party streams. So, you can easily use it.

What is msdia80.dll and should you Delete it?

Dynamic Link Library is the full form of DLL. It has important codes for the usage and reference of the program. DLL is a read-only file. So various apps can have access to the file while having no problem at the same time.

What is msdia80.dll?

It is a type of .dll file. It has essential programs, codes. It comes in the computer while installing Microsoft Redistributable package. The .dll file’s correct path is “ C:/Program files (*86)/Common files /Microsoft shared /VC”.

Should You Delete Msdia80.dll?

This file should not be deleted as some applications mot be able to have access to the codes. It will lead them to not working. The user can move the file to the appropriate location. Or the user can decide to install two Microsoft packages in the system.

How to Fix the Msdia80.dll Issue?

Solution 1: Re-locate the Dll File

The user needs to move .dll file from the root drive to the visible C++ folder of the boot drive. Follow the below-listed steps –

Step 1 – At first, Windows + E is to be pressed to open file explorer.

Step 2 – Then go to the root directory drive and click right to choose cut.

Step 3 – Next head towards this path –


Step 4 – Now paste the file and register it.

Step 5 – After that, execute the following command

regsvr32” C:/Programfiles(*86)/commonfiles/microsoftshared/VC/MSDIA80.dll”

Now restart the machine to check whether there are any issues with msdia80.dll

Solution 2: Install Microsoft Visual C++ Packages

To install Microsoft Visual C++, follow the below-listed steps properly –

Step 1: At first open the browser and head towards Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service pack one redistributable package ALT security update package.

Step 2: Then select vcredist_x86.exe and vcredist_ x64.exe and download them.

Step 3: Now run the executables and install them.

Step 4: Next click right on it and select Run as administrator to launch.

Step 5: Afterwards go to Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 service pack 1 Redistributable package MFC security update package.

Step 6: Then select vcredist_x86.exe and vcredist_x64.exe, and download them followed by running and launching them.

At last restart the machine to ensure the recently made changes.


In this guide, we learned about the msdia80.dll. Users can try the above-listed methods to move the msdia.dll file instead of deleting it.