10 Best Sites like Feed2All in 2021

Football is not just a game; it is a never ending obsession. And to feed this obsession you need a website like Feed2All. At Feed2All you can stream any live football match from any country. If the match is being streamed live, it can be seen on Feed2All. Feed2All website does not limit it to only football as it hosts many other sports which can be streamed live and previously recorded. The website receives huge traffic almost all the times. This traffic may hinder your streaming experience, but we can tackle this.

10 Best Sites like Feed2All in 2021

Thelist here is of alternative sites, which the users can use to stream sports online.

1. StopStream

Stop stream is a website that can prove to be the best alternative of Feed2All. The website is diversified in almost all sports. You can watch any live match from the listed sports. The user interface of the website is very simple and pleasant. The website works in collaboration with many companies such as USA Goals, From Hot, Drakula Stream, etc. You should definitely try this website once. You can watch sports in good quality.

2. SportsLemon

Sports Lemon is one among the best website to enjoy your favorite sports leagues and other related events online. Most of the primary football matches can be seen here, and you can stream them for absolutely no cost.

The website runs a simple and friendly interface which makes sure that there is no hassle required while streaming a match online. The website allows you to watch the live matches in HD (High Definition) Quality. The website is surely going to enhance your experience manifolds. This many reasons justifies why it is in our list.

3. MyP2P

My P2P is yet another powerful streaming option that can be a substitute for Feed2All. The website has a well-defined and organized user interface. The website is so neatly arranged that you will find your desired video in almost no time. This will ultimately lead to an incomparable experience.

We can often see that the word free comes with many compromises, but this is a true exception. This is one of the best services which one can find for free. This website will always be a great option to stream live sports.

5. StreamComando

A website such as Stream Comando is impossible to exclude when it comes to the best sites to stream online sports for free. It is a great option to keep in mind when choosing a website to stream sports. This website too hosts its content in very good quality. You can watch almost everything related to sports here. All the major sports are available to watch here.

The website is all good except for its ads. The ads are sure to annoy and distract you while you watch your favorite sports match. However, you can easily block all the ads with just a simple adblocker. Now you are all set to enjoy undistracted streaming even on this site.

6. StreamWoop

Stream Woop website is another choice that can be considered while looking for Feed2All alternative websites. The website of Stream Woop has a very neat and tidy user interface, which is way too pleasant for eyes. The feature which sets this website in this list is that you can find a list of complete web-based sports TV channels.

The website gives you numerous links to stream sports online. Even if one of the links is broken there are always more links to try to stream your favorite sports. The site is free to use.

7. FirstRawSports

First Raw Sports is another top alternative to the website of Feed2All and obviously to the websites mentioned in this list. First Raw Sports is already a popular website which is known globally for offering streaming of the entire top sports channel for zero cost.\

The website is a paradise for football fans. It offers live scores, streaming option of live matches and other events. Even if you are not a football fan, your favorite sport might be listed here too, the chances are incredibly high.

8. LaoLa1

LAOLA1 is yet another lovely website which receives love from different countries. Its users admire its interface, which is so simple that it can be used by anyone. A true lover of sports is definitely going to love this website. You can stream all the ongoing matches globally without any trouble. The website of LAOLA1 is not limited to a single sport and can be used to stream all of the top watched sports. You can find almost all the live matches on the homepage itself.

9. RedStreamSport

Red Stream Sport is a web- based streaming service that provides no cost streaming of sports channels to everyone who visits the website. At Red Stream Sports you can watch all the sports, as mentioned above, at no cost. The streaming links from other leading web streaming sites and services.

Matching with the name the site is designed in red on white color which gives a firey thrill while streaming sports on it. The site in all aspects is good. The quality provided here is better than most of the other free streaming sites and equivocal to the sites in this list.

10. StrikeOut

Strike Out is definitely one of the finest sites which one can think of when looking for free online sports streaming websites. The website is definitely amazing and among the first preferences of sports fans. You can stream many sports here, which surely includes your favorite sport. Sports such as cricket, football, basketball and more are available to watch here.

The site, like its other counter parts in this list, is absolutely free to use and stream sports of all sorts. Even leading sports events and leagues like NFC are available here, not to mention the minor matches. You can see the scores of live matches as well.

11. FuboTV

Fubo TV is another great platform for those entire sports lovers who got interrupted while streaming on Feed2All due to traffic. The thing which sets Fubo TV above all names in this list is that it is not limited to only sports. This website (Fubo TV) provides numerous channels in all fields like news, fashion, finance, etc.

Fubo TV is already having a huge fan base in USA (United States Of America). The website has gained popularity not only because of the diversified content but the quality of the content and the service it offers. And all of these for free. The site puts only its best out to the world. The content is available in HDQ (High Definition Quality) to keep you hooked to the website.

12. MamaHD

Mama HD is one more website to remember while you run out of alternative sites to stream sports online for free. The website has a eye catching and attention grabbing user interface. The website looks stunning in black, white and red color combination.

The best feature about this website is that without any registration, it gives you instant access to all the live matches and event going on out there on the globe. It even shows you a schedule to let you know about all the events and matches in near future. You can easily get your hands laid on a content of your choice through its search bar and various filter options available.

13. StreamHunter

As the last option in this list of best alternatives of Feed2All we have Stream Hunter. This is truly an efficient alternative to stream sports matches and event online for free. The site offers you link to live sports channel where you can stream the match. The home page (index page) itself is completely filled with amazing HD (High Definition Quality) streaming links.

Stream Hunter does not own any of the content it shows, and is just a hosting website. You can watch all the live matches and related event for free. The website has an amazingly good user interface which will allow you to navigate through the site and watch your favorite show without any hassle.


Choosing from an infinite number of sites on the internet, we have prepared this list of 10 best sites to stream sports and other related events online and without paying anything. These sites are usually loaded with tons of pop-up ads and trackers which are not good for your device, bad infact. So it is advisable to use a VPN and an ad blocker to keep yourself away from any threat of a malware attack on your device. We hope that we have been useful to you with this article.

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